>Hi there,
I just had my ears syringed for the first time and it was a strange experience. The water is pumped into your ears to flush out the wax and it sounded like someone was jack-hammering my head! However, once it was finished I suddenly could hear (for the first time in weeks … or even months) and I’m hoping that it will impact my teaching.

I had a one-off session for St Oliver Plunkett Guide Leaders yesterday and I couldn’t hear a word they were saying to me or (more importantly) to each other. Therefore, I was unable to recognise if they were straining in their stretches and I couldn’t even answer their questions until they’d asked me a couple of times and I finally understood them. It was a very isolating experience and so I’m glad to be back in the world of the hearing again!



About Victoria Cunningham-Downey

A Yogini, Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer I have travelled the world in pursuit of happiness and found it back here at home with my husband and my dog!

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