New Stretch NI studio?

I’ve been presented with an opportunity to take a ‘Meanwhile Space’ in Lurgan for up to four months, starting this September. Before you ask,  ‘Meanwhile Space’ is a Craigavon Borough Council initiative to fill up some of the (many) empty shop units in Lurgan and Portadown for a temporary period ranging from 1 week to 4 months. They are hoping for artists/craftspeople/charities/holistic therapists/yoga instructors (well I stuck that last one in but I’m sure it was somewhere in the back of their minds!) to take the spaces on a rent-free basis to trial whether your idea would work in either town.

I have already submitted my application and requested a space in Lurgan. I think I might get it too because I know the committee who are choosing the projects (Lurgan Forward and I used to bl$%dy work for them so it’s the least they could do for me) and I just want to put it out there as an idea for others to have some input to. I am hoping to get the space from September to December 2011 and am currently eyeing up all the ‘For Sale’ signs to choose an appropriate property for the World’s Greatest Yoga & Pilates Studio™. I would really welcome any ideas you might have on this too… The world (or at least Lurgan) is our oyster.

My plans then, if I get the space, will be to offer morning classes x 3/week; after-school classes x 4/week; evening classes x 8/week and Friday night meditation/personal development sessions. I would deliver another Pilates Instructor Training (I know, this one hasn’t even started yet and I’m already planning the next) during the weekends as well as deliver a Yoga Foundation Course. I would not be physically able to deliver ALL the classes so am hoping that my new Pilates Instructors may want to take a class. I would also be asking existing Yoga and Pilates instructors I know to come and teach in Lurgan. Again, though I want to throw this out to see if anyone has any additional ideas.

Also, do you think I need a ground floor location? And, if so, should it have a little shop in front selling yoga equipment and clothing? I have this dream of a fully-functioning studio, with a great group of teachers offering a whole range of classes in yoga, Pilates and other disciplines, that has space for people to gather as a community for other activities like a book club, Mindfulness meditation, knitting group, angels, crystals, reiki, hippy stuff…

Please give me your thoughts by FB, Twitter, email, or even comment on this page before I float off in a cloud of patchouli oil and the whole thing never gets off the ground!



About Victoria Cunningham-Downey

A Yogini, Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer I have travelled the world in pursuit of happiness and found it back here at home with my husband and my dog!

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