My 21 day commitment

I was just working out that if I start to do something consistently for 21 days from tomorrow then, by February 29th it will be a habit!

I read these tips from Uta Langley, the Right Coach, who helps women to create the Right Business for their personality, lifestyle and situation so they can be happy AND successful:

The 21 day commitment works for the trivial like flossing teeth to the fundamental like doing something every day to bring new prospects to your business.

7 steps to set up your own 21 day commitment

1. Take any area in your life that you want to improve and identify one habit that if done on a daily basis would make a massive difference
2. Commit to doing this one activity for the next 21 consecutive days – it has to be consecutive days (if it is a business activity, you may decide to only do the activity during work days)
3. Make sure you have the equipment/ingredients/gear that you need (flossing picks, running shoes, wholemeal pasta etc.)
4. Start today and do this activity every day for 21 days
5. Monitor your execution of the behaviour – ticks on a sheet, marbles in a jar, stars on a chart and note down your progress if it is something that can be measured (like weight loss, increased subscribers, number of twitter followers)
6. Evaluate your results after 21 days
7. By now you should have formed a new habit that has become automatic behaviour

My 21 day commitment is to do 10 minutes of yoga every morning (step 1). I already try to do this and inevitably fail after about two days as the lure of my bed is too much to get up early or I have a morning appointment that I can’t miss which doesn’t leave me enough time for practice. But this time I am stating my intention publicly on this blog and making the commitment (step 2); I am setting up my yoga mat in the living room each night for me to unroll in the morning and lining up a stockpile of yoga DVDs that I have yet to try or previously tried and loved (step 3). Then, from tomorrow, I am starting my own 21 day commitment (step 4) and will monitor it on Facebook (step 5) so that by the time I get to steps 6 and 7 it will have become as regular a part of my morning routine as eating breakfast or cleaning my teeth!

What about you? Have you any commitments you would like to make into habits? Do you want to state them here and start them tomorrow??



About Victoria Cunningham-Downey

A Yogini, Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer I have travelled the world in pursuit of happiness and found it back here at home with my husband and my dog!

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