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How to cope when life takes over

Oh my goodness! My plans to communicate regularly (even weekly) have rapidly fallen by the wayside as life has taken over. Since I last blogged BIG plans have fallen into place for 2013 for Chris and I. There’ll be more about that in December so keep your eyes peeled!

What I’ve suddenly realized is that it is the last weekend of November and I don’t know where the month went. In fact, I’m not even sure where the year went. We are still grieving for my Uncle but work has been very busy. So, I’ve had to put my professional head on and last weekend I very happily passed all three of my Scottish Pilates Matwork Instructors as Level 3 Professionals. And today, three intrepid new people have joined the last Stretch NI Pilates Matwork Instructor training of 2012. It is great to have them on board, although they have a LOT of work ahead of them.

And so I wanted to put a plan in place for how to cope when life takes over as I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. I think it a common feeling that we get when we realize how close we are to Christmas and the end of the year. I am always making plans so imagine my surprise when one of my favourite writers Danielle LaPorte, said:

a lot of us are making the WRONG plans.

We’re making choices based on should’s, or because it’s what our parents did, or it’s familiar, and not because it lights our hearts on fire.

Now, Danielle is launching a new book and programme called The Desire Map to address this and to help people get 2013 started with business and life goals that resonate with their souls . I, for one, can’t wait to get it.

If you are interested, check out the launch of The Desire Map. I only recommend stuff that I truly believe in and I LOVED her last book – The Firestarter Sessions.

The Desire Map is all about ditching the auto-pilot approach to life. I hope it helps me to cope when life takes over.



Stretch Classes for New Mums

Now, I’m not a Mother. Nor am I likely to be. (It’s a long story that I am coming to terms with and I won’t bore you with it).

But I have a lot of pregnant women and new Mums come to classes with me.

  1. I get pregnant Mamas to the yoga classes I run and then I don’t see them again as they drift off into a world of sleepless nights…
  2. Or I get new Mums to the Pilates classes I run who are desperate to do some activity that their Doctor says is gentle enough before they get stronger and then I don’t see them again as they drift off into a world of kettlebells or cardio work…

So, how do I get new Mums to stay with Stretch NI? I am thinking of developing classes specifically for new Mums but I want some feedback on whether these would be attended.

I am also considering developing training for my Pilates Instructors as well as other Yoga and Fitness Instructors in order to stop the inconsistent advice from the fitness industry about what is after all a natural occurrence. I would like to know if Instructors are interested in working more specfically with this section of the community.

Do people want to stretch new Mums? And do new Mums actually want to be stretched??

Please let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below,


P.S. Just to illustrate this post I have included photographs of actresses January Jones, Alyssa Milano and Alicia Silverstone who all attended pregnancy yoga classes throughout their pregnancies. These well-known yoga practitioners are, of course, still attending classes even though they have had their babies and are no longer new Mums!

Autumn Pilates Matwork Instructor Training

I have been so busy with the new studio and trying to advertise and fill classes with all people for all these lovely teachers I’ve engaged that I forgot to advertise the NEW Pilates Matwork Instructor Training happening this autumn (in the new studio BTW). The summer intensive was very successful with all 5 students becoming certified in August and now teaching away throughout Northern Ireland. Now, I’m looking for more people who want to change their lives (yes, it’s THAT dramatic!) by retraining as a Pilates Instructor. The course will take place over 5 weekends this autumn:

  • Sat 22nd / Sun 23rd Oct
  • Sat 5th / Sun 6th Nov
  • Sat 12th / Sun 13th Nov
  • Sat 26th / Sun 27th Nov
  • Sat 3rd / Sun 4th Dec

Which means that you will complete your final assessment in mid January and be teaching by very early 2012! The £1375 course cost can be broken up into instalments to make it more affordable for you and, once you are teaching, you will pay back that outlay in a matter of months! Think of it: Average charge of £8 per person x 12 people x 10 weeks = £960. Your training is paid back in almost one course. And all of my teachers are teaching more than one class a week…

Check out the Professional Development page here and get in touch if any of this is pressing buttons for you!


Pilates Instructor Training Update

Just wanted to post quickly to let everyone know that we are three days into the first Stretch NI Pilates Instructor Training and it’s going very well so far. Terry O’Donnell, our Physiotherapist, delivered a very informative A&P section although I have to admit the thought of next week’s exam terrifies me! I just hope that everyone does their reading and feels that we’ve done enough to help them pass.

And, as for tomorrow, we are gearing up for the world’s most exciting Health & Safety lecture EVER. The Training & Recruitment House Managing Director, Jonathan McComb, has agreed to deliver this lecture to give us the latest and most relevant H&S information ever. And we’re also doing some practical Pilates work, looking at the original 34 exercises, from Joe’s 1945 book, <a title=”Return to Life through Contrology” href=”Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology""“> and doing some stuff around warm-ups. I’m LOVING it!


Pilates Instructor Manual FINALLY finished!

Sorry it has taken me over TWO WEEKS to blog but I have been up to my eyeballs with the Pilates Instructor Training preparation, including the creation of a 175-page manual! I finally finished it this morning at 9.48am and instead of feeling relieved I am feeling all sore and cranky because I have let everything else fall down around me while I worked and that includes my own posture and good health. So, my intention for this week (prior to the course starting) is to get back on track with the things I mentioned in my previous post:
* Guided Imagery
* Journaling
* Self-Hypnosis
* Exercise
* Yoga
* Breathing Exercises
* Meditation
I am starting with a lovely guided imagery script that I will read to the Beginners Yoga class tonight and I will post the relaxation tomorrow for people to get a chance to share it too. I will also be doing some yoga, just for me, to stretch out all the aches and pains and might even get some photographs taken to let you see me tied up in knots! And before I do all that I have quite a lot of administration to catch up on so I’ll stop blogging and get accounting…