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The Stretch NI 21 day Yoga Body Bootcamp starts on Tuesday 10th April and continues until Monday 30th April.

Cost: £121  BUT for those who attend all 21 classes I will give you £100 back, meaning you will have completed the entire course for only £21 – that’s £1 a class!!!

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Commitment: All participants must complete a yoga class every single day for 21 days. There will be classes running at Columbia Gym, off the  Portadown Road, Lurgan seven mornings a week (including weekends) as well as 3 evening classes a week.


  1. Tuesday 10th April @ 7am
  2. Wednesday 11th April @ 7am
  3. Thursday 12th April @ 7am
  4. Friday 13th April @ 7am
  5. Saturday 14th April @ 9am
  6. Sunday 15th April @ 10am
  7. Monday 16th April @ 7am
  8. Tuesday 17th April @ 7am
  9. Wednesday 18th April @7am
  10. Thursday 19th April @ 7am
  11. Friday 20th April @ 7am
  12. Saturday 21st April @ 9am
  13. Sunday 22nd April @ 10am
  14. Monday 23rd April @7am
  15. Tuesday 24th April @ 7am
  16. Wednesday 25th April @ 7am
  17. Thursday 26th April @ 7am
  18. Friday 27th April @ 7am
  19. Saturday 28th April @ 9am
  20. Sunday 29th April @ 10am
  21. Monday 30th April @ 7am

The fine print: These morning classes will be video-taped and will be used as the basis for an online 21 day programme. You will have to agree to your image being used online. You do NOT have to be a yoga practitioner to take part as I will lead you through each class.  You must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire prior to taking part in the programme. You must pay the full amount to begin the bootcamp and if you are successful in attending every day for 21 days I will then refund £100 to your account.

Extras: In addition to the 21 daily classes I will give you worksheets on ayurveda and yoga to read and complete as well as fat flushing recipes to use (based on my Easter cleanse) to ramp up this challenge even more.

This is the first (and ONLY) face-to-face bootcamp I am planning and I’d love you to be a part of it. If you are not able to make it then look out for the online bootcamp which will be live before the Summer. Unfortunately, it will not have the money back incentive attached. So, get in NOW!!!!

‘Winter Warmer’ workshop with Victoria at the Stretch NI Studio

Time: Saturday 17th Dec from 11.30am to 2pm

Cost: £25 (or £20 if purchased before 12th Dec)

I am so pleased that you want to help me say goodbye to the Stretch NI Studio in High Street, Lurgan. I have really enjoyed my ‘Meanwhile Space’ but am looking forward to the new challenges presented by Columbia Gym on the Portadown Road in Lurgan!

However, before we can look forward we have to look back at 2011 and this Winter Warmer workshop will help us to do this.

I want you to wear warm yet comfortable clothes and have a few layers as we’ll be doing a Yoga-Lattes session to warm us up physically before moving onto a breathing practice that can warm us up mentally. We will also have an extended relaxation, or Yoga Nidra, which will help with all the looking back/looking forward things our emotions go through at this time of year.

Finally, we will finish with the World Famous Chocolate Meditation and I have enlisted the help of the finest chocolatiers in NI to get us some real treats for this meditation! It is not to be missed!

Places are limited so to book contact victoria @

It’s gonna be great!

Wordle: Active IQ level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork

In the meantime, click above and check out my Pilates Instructor Training wordle. Cool, eh? I’ve done a lovely one just for me, based on this blog. A quick and fun way to be creative…

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