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Be excellent to each other!

I was just listening to the lovely Eoin Finn speak about his ‘Hammock Enlightenment Project’ and he ended the speech with the immortal words of Bill & Ted – “Be excellent to each other!”

Having just returned home from a Pilates then a yoga class I have seen far too much of people being the complete opposite; they are being very “bogus” to each other. And I think it’s because everyone seems to be so hard on themselves that they find it hard to give those around them a break as well. I try to let people relax but it can be very hard when they want to push further, hold poses longer and try more advanced variations before they are ready. If these same people just relaxed a little they would the poses come much more naturally … and I might not have to shout as much!! So, I’ve decided to try my best to let people relax in their practice and for me, the best way to do this is embody the spirit of Namaste, and really see each and every one of my students as a divine being and treat them as such. So, if you’re in my class, look forward to a new experience!