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Have you missed me?

I made a deliberate decision on June 1st to not blog for a week because I had completed my Ultimate Blog Challenge of blogging daily for a month and I felt like I (and you) needed a break! However, I cannot believe how much I missed getting all my thoughts down on the page so I really think that blogging’s the life for me! So, highlights from the past week include:

  1. 4 people signing up for the intensive Stretch NI Pilates Instructor Training. More are welcome cos it’s definitely gonna run!!!
  2. My wee cousin Mark getting a great new job, thanks to my magical CV skills.
  3. The swelling and bruising in my Mum’s arm reducing considerably. She’s even talking of returning to yoga next week!
  4. Last Thursday being the ‘hottest’ Flow Yoga class yet.
  5. Meeting the lovely Sarah for lunch last week and catching up after almost 2 years’ absence.
  6. Watching the entire 3 series of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ last weekend. I’m wearing leathers and driving my Honda like it’s a Harley!

I’ve had some disappointments too but nothing worth blogging about, honestly! In all, it’s been good … but it’s even better to be back.