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Love, love, LOVE this book!

I’ve been reading Sonja Lyubomirsky’s brilliant The How of Happiness where she outlines the 12 scientifically proven ways we can boost our happiness. Here they are:

     1. Expressing Gratitude
     2. Cultivating Optimism
     3. Avoiding Overthinking and Social Comparison
     4. Practicing Acts of Kindness
     5. Nurturing Social Relationships
     6. Developing Strategies for Coping
     7. Learning to Forgive
     8. Increasing Flow Experiences
     9. Savoring Life’s Joys
     10. Committing to Your Goals
     11. Practicing Religion and Spirituality
     12. Taking Care of Your Bodythrough Meditation, Physical Activity and Acting Like a Happy Person

These points are so simple BUT so effective and the book itself is a great way to introduce mindfulness techniques into your everyday life. It has been described as “both a powerful contribution to the field of positive psychology and a gift to all those who have questioned their own well- being and sought to take their happiness into their own hands”. Another reviewer says, “It packs an incredible amount of science into one book but is written in a way that’s fun to read and not at all overwhelming for non-psychologists”. I really recommend you check it out.