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Deep yogic breaths required

As you may have already read, my Mum fell over coming out of the airport on Sunday. Well, today she had to go back to Casualty to have her cast removed and another x-ray to check she hadn’t broken her finger. Unfortunately, it seems that EVERYONE in Craigavon with a broken limb was also in the hospital! This meant we had a long wait in a corridor with Mum sitting on a spare wheelchair because there were no chairs left. Finally, her x-ray was completed and we faced another wait while they found Mum’s Doctor (AKA Dougie Howser MD).

Really finally, she was given permission to leave and so I paid the car park ticket and we went outside. However, as we were leaving the car park, I was too far away from the ticket machine and so (after checking my mirrors, I swear) I reversed back … only to reverse into the sweariest person I’ve ever met! After a few words (hers are NOT repeatable) I left Craigavon Area Hospital a full 3 hours after I’d arrived AND in a much worse state of mind!

So, I have really needed my yoga today. Especially some great pranayama or breathing techniques. The first I tried was ‘Shitali breath’ and to do this you simply curl the sides of your tongue up to create a tunnel and slowly breathe in through the mouth, allowing the air to pass over your tongue, creating a cooling sensation in the mouth/head/mind . After you inhale, you bring your tongue in, close your mouth and exhale through your nose. You repeat this about 6 to 12 times or until you start to feel as if you are cooling down physically AND mentally.

Another excellent pranayama for anger is the ‘Lion’s breath’ and to do this you inhale through the nose then exhale out the mouth and stick out your tongue, making a loud “ha” sound. Repeat 2 to 3 times. This allows your breathing to become deeper and help release physical tension in the lungs and chest.

Try them. Perhaps they will be a better option than just swearing your head off when some daft girl reverses into you!