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Gorgeous (and quick!) Relaxation Script

I did it! I found the loveliest guided relaxation script for my Beginners Yoga Class. It is by Marneta Viegas of Relax Kids in her book The Wishing Star and, although it is designed for children aged 5+, it really appeals to people of all ages. So I have written it down below and included my own additions in square brackets.


Close your eyes, be very still and imagine your whole body is becoming as light as a feather. Wiggle your toes and imagine that they are becoming so light they start to float into the air. Let them [go now and allow them to] drift upwards. And now try to feel as if your legs are turning into feathers. Your legs feel so light now. Can you feel them starting to drift upwards? They are no longer heavy, but soft and light. Now feel your tummy becoming soft and light. Let your tummy be soft and relaxed. Feel your chest becoming soft and light like a feather. [Feel your spine becoming soft and relaxed and like a feather]. Enjoy this feeling, as your body slowly gets lighter and lighter. Feel your arms becoming light. Let your fingers gently relax and float upwards. Feel them floating in the air. Finally let your head be light. Feel all the tension melt away, as your head becomes soft and light. [Let your face relax completely and become soft and relaxed]. Now your whole body is as light as a pile of feathers. You feel soft and relaxed. Slowly allow your body to float upwards, and see how light you can be. The lighter you are, the higher you will float… Keep repeating [inwardly] to yourself I am as light as a feather, I am light, I am light, and watch how high you can float. [Breathing in I am as light as a feather. Breathing out I am light. I am light. X2] Stay up in the air enjoying this lovely feeling of lightness, until [I ask you] to drift back down again. … [Leave for 5 minutes. Drift back down to earth now, back into the room and back into your body. Start wiggling your fingers and toes to waken your body up now. Have a good stretch, and maybe even a yawn. Open your eyes and come all the way up to sitting. Your relaxation is now finished.]

Try it and see… If you like it, I have copies of The Wishing Star available for sale so just let me know. Tomorrow it might just be some meditation for you!