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Yoga at Edenmore

Tonight I was teaching one of my favourite classes of my week – yoga at Edenmore Golf & Country Club in Magheralin. I just love the venue because it’s out in the countryside on a hill overlooking everyone else and you can see for miles on a clear day. The room is also beautiful with sprung floors, floor-to-ceiling mirrors on two of the walls, great windows (with that view again) on the other two walls and all the air conditioning/heating you need as well as lights which dim. They really have thought of everything there which makes my job as a yoga teacher really easy. I just turn up and teach!

However, what also keeps me coming back year after year (I’ve been there over 7 years now) is the clientele. Everyone is lovely! They are friendly to each other and interested in each other without being too nosy! They are always encouraging to me, even when I am not feeling great, which means that I always try to give them a top-notch class.

I hope they’ll agree that tonight’s was one of those… I created a vinyasa style class with all of our standing postures coming from a sun salutation so everyone worked hard yet had time for long holds to really stretch out those muscles. I just wanted to thank them all for being great clients and trying things they might not normally do, just because I’ve asked them!

Namaste Yogis!