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Warrior Flow

The yoga class tonight was all about flowing into and out of warrior pose which can be very challenging if held for a long period of time. However, we moved, with our breath, into and out of the more challenging aspects of the postures and it made for a fun class for me to teach and for my students to experience! The Monday night class is not normally so flow-focused and sometimes the only thing flowing is the gossip; so it was lovely to keep everyone focused on their breath and their core connection.

Too often I think women (and it always seems to be women) live in their brains – planning, organising, etc – and so we forget that we also have a body. That is, until something goes wrong with it and we begin to suffer from ill-health. Then again, we often try to medicate the problem (with prescription drugs or even chocolate among other things) and ignore the body once again.

But, when we finally decide that ‘enough is enough’ it is time to get reconnected with our core. Those butterflies in our tummies can’t be all wrong; those gut feelings that we gloss over are trying to tell us something. So, sometimes, it is great to get back to listening to our body’s wisdom and trying to develop it through a fun Warrior Flow. Thanks ladies for listening to yourselves (as well as me) tonight!