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Social Media tips

When I was away in Mexico I took an opportunity to “unplug” from the Internet and Social Media sites. It was SO refreshing!

We talked in class about creating boundaries for your life so that, for example, you don’t always answer the phone every time it rings – instead you let it go to answer phone and this gives you time to listen to the message and work out how you will respond appropriately. This may be by calling the person back or sending them a quick email but it means you are not so reactive all the time. I LOVED this! Sometimes the sound of my mobile ringing fills me with dread. “What now?” I think. “What more do people want from me?” Now I can check my mobile a few times a day and form a proper response to people rather than being so reactive and negative! So, in the future, don’t expect to speak to me every time you call, leave your request and expect an email response…

The other great boundary was to limit internet and social media time each day and never NEVER look at these sites before going to bed! Try to use your Facebook as a way to send messages out to friends and colleagues (and, for me, clients) but try to limit the time spent looking at photographs of old boyfriends or schoolfriends who are your Facebook friend but would walk across the street to avoid speaking to you in real life! Social media inevitably leads to social comparison for me. “Look how well he is doing. He was SO stupid at school and now he has that great job.” I think. “Look at her lovely children. I must be a complete disaster because I forgot to have any.”

Today I received a note from the Brave Girls Club and I thought it was so helpful to get me out of this continuous social comparison.

Dear Important Girl,

Chances are, there’s a part of your heart that feels weary because of all of the things you have read, seen and heard about that are going on in other people’s lives that you know, and even that you don’t know.

We now live in a world of soundbites, dear friend. We seem to only see millions of little sentences telling about the highlights and a-has and victories and vacations and love affairs and awards and latest purchases and latest creations, when we still have the rest of the humdrum details of our own lives to live. It seems as if we might be the only one who is living a tedious reality. (but what is true?)

Friend, beautiful beautiful friend — please do yourself a great act of kindness and do an outside detox and just go inward. Take a look at your own beautiful life, your own beautiful soul, your own beautiful family, your own beautiful blessings, your own beautiful memories, your own beautiful dreams, your own beautiful self. Get back in touch with YOU. Take a few days this weekend and give yourself permission to unplug from the over-stimulation and just sit in the peace of your own life. YOUR LIFE IS ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU DO ENOUGH. YOU HAVE ENOUGH. YOU ARE LOVED ENOUGH. YOU ARE AMAZING ENOUGH.

Take a break, ok?
Be good to you. Please don’t punish yourself with so much outside information and comparing. Have a little detox. You will see the truth of just how wonderful your life really is.


Try it yourself and see what you think…

Victoria X

Auspicious Times?

Today is 11.11.11 and it’s nearly 11.11pm so I wanted to post some thoughts about the times we are living in and the potential changes ahead…

In many cultures around the world, 11.11.11 is recognized as a significant date in the shift of planetary consciousness from the Age of Pisces (ruled by Christianity and hierarchical structures) toward the Aquarian Age (the age of the “self-sensory human” and direct personal experience of spirituality).

Certainly from 2012 on we will see important shifts in ourselves and our world…. In fact, we are already seeing them.

Whether this particular date is or is not of importance is in the end not crucial – we make it important by using it as an impetus to get together in community and align ourselves with the highest potential in us all. So, you could join a Stretch NI Studio class or simply meditate for 5 minutes every morning to help yourself with this alignment.

On a personal (and business level) I am experiencing fundamental shifts in my thinking which have already impacted on the Stretch NI Studio. Last week I realised that my small local classes were not bringing in enough money to justify the high overheads of a permanent dedicated yoga and Pilates studio. So I made the difficult decision to quit my Meanwhile Space on Saturday 17th December (with a big party by the way!) and start the new year in new premises which I would just hire by the hour as I used to.

However, since making this decision and letting go of the pressure I had put myself under to be successful, the class numbers have increased to the highest we have ever had! And then, tonight I met with the owner of a gym which is experiencing great success even in this economic climate and we are hoping to work out a way that I can rent a space off him. This means I could have a shared studio space in a location with high footfall which is specifically targetted towards health and fitness! And this place is really, REALLY popular with my target market so it could mean I grow my client list by hundreds!!

I’m publicly stating it now but I think 2012 is going to be my year. The year when Stretch NI hits the public consciousness on a big scale. And you, my lucky blog readers, have been at the genesis of this change. So stay with me and let me know what you’ve planned for these auspicious times…


The Business of Yoga

Having now run the Stretch NI Studio for almost two whole weeks (!) I am very interested in the business of yoga and how to apply business principles to something which to me is very esoteric and non-commercial. What I didn’t realise is that this can be a minefield of misinformation! I have wasted so much time which could have been better used in putting flyers around the town and introducing myself to my fellow business owners in the town centre. So now the plan is to stop listening to repetitive and boring sales calls/teleseminars and reading irrelevant crap on the internet  and instead just get out there and let people know who I am and what Stretch NI and the studio is all about… To help with this we’re having an Open Day on Saturday 8th October to launch the studio properly and introduce all my teachers and the holistic therapists who will be involved with us. It will be happening from 12pm – 4pm and everyone’s invited!!!