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Day 22 of the 21 Day Yoga Commitment!

Day 22:

This day eight years ago I took a leap and proposed to my husband. And while we have our ups and downs he really is my rock and I can’t imagine life without him. So today’s post is all about taking a leap. I want to know what leaps you have taken today? Or in the recent past?

This past year has been all about leaps for me and my business. First, I leapt from teaching students into training teachers and I have worked hard to help nine brand-new Pilates Instructors start a new life. And I don’t say that lightly because teaching Pilates can be a whole new career for those who are interested. Imagine taking the leap yourself and earning as much in FIVE hours what you used to earn in 35!

I then leapt into having my own yoga studio in a Meanwhile Space in Lurgan town centre. I learnt a lot from that experience and was able to then leap into a partnership with Columbia Gym which has proven very popular with my clients and has attracted lots of new clients too. I am currently planning to leap into Yoga Teacher Training in Autumn this year so please let me know if you would be interested in this. I want to make sure I don’t spend too much time creating a kick-ass programme that no-one wants to participate in!

And, as for the yoga, today was all about leaps – leaping forward and backward in sun salutations and even leaping into hanumanasana (monkey pose AKA the splits!).


Autumn Pilates Matwork Instructor Training

I have been so busy with the new studio and trying to advertise and fill classes with all people for all these lovely teachers I’ve engaged that I forgot to advertise the NEW Pilates Matwork Instructor Training happening this autumn (in the new studio BTW). The summer intensive was very successful with all 5 students becoming certified in August and now teaching away throughout Northern Ireland. Now, I’m looking for more people who want to change their lives (yes, it’s THAT dramatic!) by retraining as a Pilates Instructor. The course will take place over 5 weekends this autumn:

  • Sat 22nd / Sun 23rd Oct
  • Sat 5th / Sun 6th Nov
  • Sat 12th / Sun 13th Nov
  • Sat 26th / Sun 27th Nov
  • Sat 3rd / Sun 4th Dec

Which means that you will complete your final assessment in mid January and be teaching by very early 2012! The £1375 course cost can be broken up into instalments to make it more affordable for you and, once you are teaching, you will pay back that outlay in a matter of months! Think of it: Average charge of £8 per person x 12 people x 10 weeks = £960. Your training is paid back in almost one course. And all of my teachers are teaching more than one class a week…

Check out the Professional Development page here and get in touch if any of this is pressing buttons for you!


Pilates Instructor Manual FINALLY finished!

Sorry it has taken me over TWO WEEKS to blog but I have been up to my eyeballs with the Pilates Instructor Training preparation, including the creation of a 175-page manual! I finally finished it this morning at 9.48am and instead of feeling relieved I am feeling all sore and cranky because I have let everything else fall down around me while I worked and that includes my own posture and good health. So, my intention for this week (prior to the course starting) is to get back on track with the things I mentioned in my previous post:
* Guided Imagery
* Journaling
* Self-Hypnosis
* Exercise
* Yoga
* Breathing Exercises
* Meditation
I am starting with a lovely guided imagery script that I will read to the Beginners Yoga class tonight and I will post the relaxation tomorrow for people to get a chance to share it too. I will also be doing some yoga, just for me, to stretch out all the aches and pains and might even get some photographs taken to let you see me tied up in knots! And before I do all that I have quite a lot of administration to catch up on so I’ll stop blogging and get accounting…